No Salaries, Benefits or Attitude. Ever.
Managing a private school takes incredible coordination – numerous marketing elements working in concert, often long before a project is launched. SchoolBrand understands that.

Our specific expertise within the private educational sector has allowed us to work closely with school

heads to bring successful projects to market all over the world.

Do you have on-going marketing activities that require regular graphic design or creative support? If so, our design retainer packages are perfect for you.

SchoolBrand has developed an innovative and cost effective monthly retainer program for private international schools that need that creative marketing spark, but can not justify the salary, benefits, equipment, training and costs associated with hiring a permanent designer or designers in-house. Our programs make sense.

What is a retainer?
A retainer-based arrangement involves the hiring of an outside source to perform certain responsibilities or activities for a specified fee. Activities and initiatives are pre-established between the client and the outsourced company, and are detailed in a proposal or “statement of work” document.

A retainer fee works like a monthly fee, but since its purpose is to retain the designer, it is paid up front before any work is ordered. You are, in a sense, pre-ordering the designer’s time versus a service.

The design agency anticipates the work from the school and blocks out the appropriate amount of

time in its schedule to accommodate the school when the work comes.

There are many public and private schools that do not require the services of a full time graphic designer, but would still like to produce professional materials on either website projects or print projects.

What are the benefits
Often graphic designers or design agencies will have projects booked months in advance and there is little time to work on projects on an as-needed basis. This is where a Retainer package makes perfect sense.

It allows schools to be guaranteed that the design agency will be dedicated to work on their projects for a certain amount of time each month. It’s essentially hiring the agency to work for you, without the added costs of employee benefits, pension plans, and at the same time, getting more creative and professional designers working on your projects than you would otherwise usually have access to.

But most importantly, it allows school heads to budget these costs at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Additionally, retainer-based relationships allow agencies the freedom and flexibility to develop a strategic approach using all channels, and creatively design and execute that strategy to offer an integrated marketing campaign. And because retainer- based work is part of a cohesive plan, results are easier to track, enabling the company to determine program success or failure more efficiently. Which companies are best suited for retainers?

Retainer-based arrangements work best for clients that have committed themselves to a budget (typically a percentage of gross sales) and are committed to the idea of working with an outside resource to clearly define and then implement their marketing plan.

These agreements are also best suited for institutions that recognize the value and importance of building a long-term relationship with a marketing

and creative firm. Your school should be willing to let the marketing and creative firm get totally immersed in your business so they can work more effectively to support your goals.

Our clients have found the following key elements of our value proposition compelling:

Virtual in-house creative department
Cost effective & customized
No added overhead
Direct contact
Discounted design rate
Guaranteed amount of prioritized service time

What is included?
Our graphic designers will produce any sort of print materials a school requires.

Graphic Design Services :
full service graphics and design

Web Design:
changing slideshow images
updating text and images
adding new images
specials or newsletters.

Consulting hours?

Assistance in advertising and branding strategy.
In-person, over the phone or email technical support.
In-house consultation – design, advertising, marketing services.
 Print Coordination (transfer files and information to print house; Work with print house through all preflight, size requirements and resolution requirements.)
Brainstorming & Creative Direction (consult with staff and discuss ideas and direction for an effective campaign or outreach; promotions; print and multimedia resources)

Web design (and development) retainer work can include content management, changing slideshow images, updating text and images, adding new images, specials or newsletters.

Entire website builds are not usually on retainer… but could be negotiated if required.

Pricing & Fees
We are very flexible and we will be happy to customize a package to suit your

needs. Our standard solutions below offer a high level of customer service that is rarely found anywhere else in

the industry. Our pricing is also very affordable and inclusive of all general graphic design services.


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