We understand that educational institutions are not all the same and neither are their students or staff. Our designs reflect the personality of the schools we work for.

The components that make up the visual identity of your brand are far reaching. From your admissions standards to media advertising, they play a part in the way your institution is perceived.

Within the overall identity, the most widespread public representation of your brand is your institution’s logo. It is a visual link to your school. Your logo must not only reflect your brand, it must also be versatile.

Community Buy In
There are few things in marketing that cause a reaction more than a logo or a

mascot. That’s why we spend so much time on the community buy-in.

A seamless transition to a new logo can only be accomplished if the proper constituencies are included in the approval process.

Your brand journey starts with the logo design. It is the face of your school, hence great care must be taken to make sure you create the right impression.

At SchoolBrand, we take the design process very seriously. Connecting with your audience and building trust should be the primary job of your school logo. We are a creative agency that understands school business and gets results.

Refresh your logo
Do you like your existing logo but feel it is dated? SchoolBrand can infuse a fresh look and feel to your existing logo and update your school brand instantly.

Student engagement logo design
Want to involve your school community in the changes? SchoolBrand can, either

host a virtual engagement session, or conduct one at the school for a group of students or stakeholders and involve them in the logo design process.

We aim to create practical logo solutions that allow for any number of applications from embroidered school uniforms to newspaper advertising.

At SchoolBrand, we extend the power and influence of the brand to the built environment. Bringing the brand to life, we expand its reach and its user-appeal, making it multi-dimensional. Maintaining the values and essence of the brand, we establish its presence in any environment. Using visual, audible and tactile cues, we aim to help people navigate their way around places and spaces.

Aware that each environmental branding assignment has its own logistical and technical requirements, we apply strategic thinking to ensure our clients and their visitors are pointing in the right direction. From planning and strategy, to user circulation, regulatory signage, schematics and categorization of signs types to orientation and installation management, we’ve got the steps covered.

Environmental capabilities
Planning & strategy
Site analysis
User circulation
Sign design
Symbols & maps
Digital signage


What is an audit?
A detailed review of all your published print and electronic materials; thorough investigation of your position in the market place and how your customers and competitors perceive you; on-site research including interviews and group discussions; in-depth analysis of your communications operation

including budget, personnel and facilities resources.

What do you get?
A comprehensive blueprint for establishing priorities, including detailed recommendations for changes that will boost your organization’s ability to communicate effectively with the audiences that are important to your success.

Every communications audit is customized to the client; however, SchoolBrand typically approaches the work in four phases:

Phase 1: Communications Audit
Phase 2: Communications Plan
Phase 3: Creative Concept
Phase 4: Application & Integration


We are SchoolBrand, a young, dynamic organization and recognized leader in education marketing. We bring over 20 years of corporate experience to the world of education. Our expertise is in telling compelling stories that people want to become part of. It's our job to create a recognizable tone of voice that sets you apart in a crowded marketplace and keeps you front of mind at the point of decision.


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